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Monday, December 29, 2014


There was no snow for Christmas,
Nor, snow for New Year's as well,
And, living in Northern Michigan,
It's been a type of snow-less hell,

There's no snow on the ski slope,
Nor, on the toboggan run,
There's no snow on the snowmobile trail,
In winter, no snow equals no fun,

Of course you can go ice skating,
And, fall and crack your bones,
You can also go ice fishing,
And, get frostbite on your scones,

But, a snow fortress you cannot build,
Nor, a snowman can you roll,
You can't track animals you've shot and killed,
Nor, make snow angels with arms and soul,

You see a winter that has no snow,
Is like a car that has no gas,
It's like Santa's lost his "Ho, Ho,"
When Old Man Winter takes a pass.

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