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Saturday, September 10, 2016


I walked out on the dock and what did I pass?
A giant, a record, an enormous rock bass,
But, my pole was at the cabin, not out on the dock,
I took it to the cabin when I listened to Bach,

So, I ran back to the cabin to look for my pole,
I looked under the chairs and in every floor hole,
But, my fishing pole was not to be found,
I remembered I left it somewhere on the ground,

Alas, I sent the kids out in a fish pole dragnet,
And, one of them found it so expectations were met,
Then, another found my worms so; I knew I was set,
Next, I ran out on the dock to see if my bass was there yet,

Then, just as I saw that big rock bass in the bay,
He heard my running vibrations and swam fast away,
So, I fished off the dock for the rest of the day,
While, minnows tugged on my worm, trying to bait me to play. 

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