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Friday, April 17, 2015


Once on the plateaus of medieval France,
A giant monster foot ate peasants,
The foot would dine on bodies and wine,
While the king dined on pork and pheasants,

A cry went out unto the king,
To raise an army and much more,
To fight the giant monster foot,
And, put the kings sword to Great War,

The king ignored the peasant’s prayers,
To the mighty king of France,
Instead the king let the monster,
Across the Gaul’s land dance,

Then, one day the foot was at the outskirts of Paris,
Where the king and his castle be,
The foots intentions were very nefarious,
As even the king could see,

The king raised up an army of knights,
To fight outside the city of glee,
Upon the battlefield the king set his sights,
With his nobles he’d make history,

When the sun was near the half in the sky,
The king and his nobles made their advance,
It was time to roust or die,
For Medieval France,

The king and forces took the field,
A thousand knights or more,
They knew the foot would never yield,
The foot was evil to its core,

The king sent out his bravest knight,
To slay the five toed beast,
But, it was just a slaughter,
As the foot had a fancy feast,

The king sent out two more nights,
They both met with equal slaughter,
The foot was filling up on men,
And, wanted to wash them down with water,

The king decided it was time,
To rush his whole army off to fight,
So the king of France led the charge
While his knights stood still in fright,

The king was eaten whole with horse,
The French army ran away beaten,
The foot went on to Paris of course,
To get some really good people eaten,

There is a lesson to be learned,
About fighting monsters who like to eat,
A king who fights without his army,
Will go back home in defeat.

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