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Friday, November 15, 2019


I took off to Canada across Lake Superior ice,
I came to open water and had to rethink my plan thrice,
I'm hunted by a G-man because I hunted voles to eat,
I barely got the voles half fried when, through the front door comes the heat,

I ran out the back door with dogs chasing after me,
Unfortunately, they were my dogs barking my locality,
I could just see frozen Lake Superior when I felt hot lead graze my thigh,
My bag of chaw was shot down and I ask Dear Lord, why oh, why? 

So, I came to open water and it looked like a cold, cold swim, 
And, even if I made it I'd have no chaw at the Canadian rim,
I've spent many years in prison pondering the error of eating voles for din,
I wish I had made it to Canada where eating voles isn't considered a sin. 

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